Handmade Spring Floral Wreath – DIY

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Handmade Spring Floral Wreath!!

Happy Spring Season 🙂

I was planning on making a DIY wreath for spring last year but never got a chance. This time I planned well ahead of time (spring hasn’t even officially begun and it is still chilly here in Ontario :->) made a trip to the dollar store and got supplies for making a spring wreath. The floral ring base, flowers and ribbon are all from the dollar store.

I am very happy with the way the wreath turned out. I spent $7.50 on the supplies which include the foam floral base, 2 bunches of yellow flowers, 2 bunches of white flowers and a bunch of decorative yellow berries. I already had the ribbons that I used to cover the floral base and the ribbon used to make the bow.

Materials Required

  • Foam floral ring base – 1
  • Decorative ribbon – 5 – 6 meters (to cover the floral base) – I used green color mesh ribbon which I already had. You can use any color, material ribbon that goes well with the flowers.
  • Flowers – 2 bunches (yellow or any color of your choice)
  • Flowers – 2 bunches (white or any color that looks nice with the other color flowers)
  • Decorative faux berry bush – 1 bunch
  • Decorative Ribbon – green with white polka dots – 2 meters (Any ribbon works fine)
  • Door hanger
  • Hot glue gun


STEP 1: Wrap the decorative ribbon all over the foam ring completely without any gaps and secure with hot glue wherever needed.

STEP 2: Cut the stems of the flowers and remove each flower (with 5 – 7 cm stem) from the larger bunch.

 STEP 3: Repeat the same with the white flowers.


STEP 4: Place the flowers at the bottom of the floral base and once happy with the arrangement start inserting/tucking in the flowers. As the stems are made of metal wire it is easy to insert them in the foam floral base. If required hot glue the flowers on the base.

STEP 5: Cut the berry bunches to the desired length and insert it on one side of the flower arrangement. This gives a little bit of height and will look nice along with the flowers.

STEP 6: Attach/tie a ribbon at the top of the wreath for hanging. Make a large bow with the same color ribbon and hot glue it just below the ribbon used for hanging.

Beautiful Spring themed floral wreath ready!!!!

TIP: You can use any kind of decorative ribbon or any flowers to create a design based on your creativity.

Final 2

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