Spectacular DIY Christmas Wreath-budget friendly project-dollar store ornaments and craft supplies



DIY Christmas wreath!!

It’s holiday season and people have started decorating their house beautifully with Christmas trees, lights and Christmas wreath. I was planning on making a DIY wreath for spring and got a willow wreath from the dollar store but never got a chance to make it in spring. Now since it is Christmas, I used the willow wreath I had as a base to make a Christmas wreath. All of the ornaments, garland, decorative bells are from the dollar store.

I am very happy with the way the wreath turned out. I spent $18 in total but since the ornaments and other decorative items came in a pack I still have some supplies left.

Materials Required

  • Pine Garland – 2 packs
  • Decorative glitter flowers – 1 bunch (the green glitter leaves and a green glitter floral stem in the wreath)
  • Christmas tinsel garland (I got the one with cute gift boxes attached)
  • Decorative pipe cleaner strings(chenille stems) to attach the ornaments to the wreath
  • Decorative bow (1 big), ceramic ornaments, tiny bows, ball ornaments & bells
  • Decorative Ribbon
  • Door hanger


STEP 1: Wrap the pine garland all over the base completely without any gaps. As the pine garland is attached to a wire you just have to wrap, twist and tuck it in.

STEP 2: Wrap the tinsel garland on top of the pine garland.

 STEP 3: Secure the glitter bow using chenille stems to the wreath on the top and the bow with the bells at the bottom.

STEP 4: Cut the flowers from the stem and attach them in desired spots. I have used a green glitter pick. I separated the leaves and the flowers and attached them at different spots using the Chenille stems.

STEP 5: I have used 2 ceramic ornaments, Santa and snowman on either side. But this is optional you can use ball ornaments, flowers or the little red bows to decorate.

STEP 6: I have used the ball ornaments to decorate the empty spaces. I tied 3 red ball ornaments together using the chenille stem and attached to the wreath. On the other side I used a green glitter ball ornament attached to a red bow and secured it to the wreath.

STEP 7: Attach a ribbon to the top of the wreath, to hand on the door hanger.

DIY Christmas Wreath ready!!!!


TIP: You can use any kind of decorative ornaments and create a design based on your creativity. Some of the options are berry garland, battery operated lights, ribbons, pine cones and glitter poinsettia flowers.








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