Fun day at the farm!!!


Apple picking😀🍎🍏

Fall is here and Halloween is right around the corner🍁🍂🎃….so is the apple and pumpkin picking season.

Last weekend being long weekend we wanted to do something fun as a family. The weather has been pretty good (not the usual chilly October weather) in the last couple of weeks so we decided to do some kind of outdoor activity. The first thing that came to mind was Apple picking!!! I have been wanting to go apple picking for a couple of years now but never got a chance (always forgot the picking season and also the weather becomes chilly so end up staying at home with a cozy shawl😬). This year we went to the farm a couple of times during the summer so was keeping track of the picking seasons for the various fruits and vegetables. Thankfully last weekend was the last week of picking for the season at the farm.

There were different varieties of apple but we picked more of the honey crisp and macintosh apples. The honey crisp apples were the best, as the name suggests it was as sweet as honey and crunchy. The macintosh apples had a bit of a tangy taste. We got a little bit crazy and ended up filling a 20 pound bag full of apples. Since we picked so much I have been trying out new recipes using the fresh apples. Each of us also have a quota of eating atleast 3 🍎🍏 in a day😂 (my little one gets scared when I ask him if he would like to have a fruit wondering if I would give him an apple😂 But he was the one who got too excited when picking the apples)😂

The farm also had a children’s play ground and a straw mountain for kids to play. The trees looked beautiful with all the leaves turning into different shades of yellow, orange and red for fall. It was a day well spent at the farm🙂

Below are some pictures from our farm visit. More apple recipes to follow in the next couple of days😀




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