Quilled Birthday Greeting Card – Handmade – Personalised – Birthday Card – Quilled Designs


DIY Quilled Birthday Greeting Card.

Quilling is an art form that uses strips of paper to create designs. With some creativity and interest you can create beautiful designs. You can buy quilling paper in different colors and sizes or you can make quilling paper by cutting printer paper or newspaper in desired size.

The card that I have made is for Birthday so I have made a cake design and balloons to match the Birthday theme.

Quilled Birthday Card Final 3Quilled Birthday Card Final 4

Materials Required

  • 1/8” width quilling paper
    • White color – 3 Strips
    • Red color – 5 strips
    • Blue color – 2 strips
    • Yellow Color – 3 strips
    • Florescent yellow color – 1 strip
    • Green color – 1 strip
    • Black – 1 strip
  • Slotted quilling tool
  • Quilling circle sizing scale (Optional: Will make sizing easier and also uniform)
  • Glue
  • Plain greeting card & envelope
  • Orange color construction paper


STEP 1: Take the desired color quilling paper and insert one end of the paper into the slot of the quilling tool.

STEP 2: Roll the paper end that is with the quilling tool using the quilling tool. Roll it to make a tight coil.

 STEP 3: Remove carefully from the tool, the rolled up quilling paper and place it in the circle sizing scale. The coil will loosen and unroll based on the size you have chosen.

STEP 4: Once the desired size is reached, remove from the scale and glue the free end to the rolled coil. This will ensure the coil does not unwind.

STEP 5: Let the glued up paper coil dry. Make as many paper coils as desired and then shape them all.

STEP 6: Hold the coil between the left hand thumb and index finger and the right hand index finger and thumb to press the coil and make the following shapes.

  • Tear drop shape for Balloons (Purple, red & blue color – 1 in each color)
  • 3 Triangle shapes for the base of the balloon (Purple, Red & blue color – 1 in each color)
  • 2 small triangles for the bow around the threads of the balloon (Red color)
  • 3 white quilling papers rolled only at the bottom for creating threads to attach the balloons.
  • Elongated oval shape for the base of the cake stand (White color)
  • Rectangle shape for the stand (White color)
  • Elongated rectangle shape for the top portion of the cake stand (White color)
  • 3 triangles for the first cake layer (Red color)
  • Glue together the 3 red triangles and wrap a yellow paper around the glued triangles to create a border and then shape to make a rectangle.
  • 3 triangles for the second cake layer (Yellow color)
  • Glue together the 3 yellow triangles and wrap a red paper around the glued triangles to create a border and then shape to make a rectangle.
  • Small rectangle to make the candle (Blue color)
  • Tear drop shape for the candle wick (Florescent color)
  • Green quilling pattern to create the border/base. This pattern can be made with just the slotted tool and no shaping is required (OPTIONAL)

STEP 7: Place the shaped coils on the greeting card. If you are happy with the design, start gluing the quilled shapes on the greeting card.

STEP 8: To create the border, cut an “L” shaped 2 cm width orange color construction paper and glue it to the card forming an inverted “L” shape. Take a black color quilling strip and stick over the inside edges of the construction paper to form a border.

STEP 9: Insert the text “Happy Birthday”

TIP: Use the same technique and create more designs. You can also glue together 2 different color papers, roll and shape them to form double colored coils.

Handmade, personalised Birthday Card is ready!!!

Birthday Quilled card 1 Birthday Quilled card 2 Birthday Quilled card 3 Quilled Birthday card 4 Quilled Birthday card 5 Quilled Birthday card 6 Quilled Birthday Card 8 Quilled Birthday Card 9 Quilled Birthday Card 10 Quilled Birthday Card 11 Quilled Birthday Card 12 Quilled Birthday Card 13 Quilled Birthday Card 14 Quilled Birthday Card 15 Quilled Birthday Card 16 Quilled Birthday Card 17 Quilled Birthday Card 18 Quilled Birthday Card 19 Quilled Birthday Card 20 Quilled Birthday Card 21 Quilled Birthday Card 22 Quilled Birthday Card 23 Quilled Birthday Card 24 Quilled Birthday Card 25 Quilled Birthday Card 26 Quilled Birthday Card 27 Quilled Birthday Card 28 Quilled Birthday Card 29 Quilled Birthday Card 30 Quilled Birthday Card 31 Birthday Quilled Card Final 1


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