Asparagus Pakora – Deep fried asparagus

Asparagus pakora 6




Asparagus – 1 bunch

Chickpea flour/Besan flour – ¾ cup

Chilli powder – 1 teaspoon

Corn flour – ¼ cup

Salt – per taste

Oil – for deep frying


STEP 1: Wash the asparagus and remove the thick portion by holding the asparagus on both the ends firmly and bend slightly so the asparagus breaks into two pieces. The top portion that is tender can be used for cooking. Discard the bottom thick portion.

STEP 2: Heat oil in a deep pan.

STEP 3: In a bowl add, chickpea flour, salt, chilli powder, corn flour and water. Mix well and make a thick batter (dosa batter consistency) without any lumps.

STEP 4: Add the asparagus pieces, one at a time to the batter and make sure the batter gets coated well on the asparagus on all sides. Add it to the hot oil and deep fry till golden brown.

TIP: Serve hot with tomato ketchup.

Asparagus Pakora 1 Asparagus pakora 2 Asparagus pakora 3 Asparagus pakora 4 Asparagus pakora 5

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