New Convection Oven!!!! – Butter Cookies with Almonds


Super Happy & Excited!!!

New Oven 2 New Oven 3 New Oven 4

Yippee!! Got my brand new Black & Decker countertop convection oven this week. I was so excited to use the oven and look what I first baked in my new oven (picture below)….Butter Cookies…Yummy:-)

Cookies 1 Cookies 2

I had problems with my convection oven so was looking to buy a countertop oven and luckily found the best one:-). I wanted an oven that has even heat distribution so the baked stuff doesn’t get burnt on one side and not baked on the other side. This oven worked amazing as the heat got evenly distributed and the cookies were baked to perfection on all sides, in 12 minutes. Yet to try other baking recipes.

More Baking recipes to follow on Tinyminyblog:-)


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