Hurray!!! 50th Post in TINYMINYBLOG


50th Post in Tinyminyblog…Celebration Time:-)

Yay!!! Tinyminyblog has 50 posts already and I’m very happy about it. I wanted to do something special on completing this small (yet challenging to me) milestone just to keep myself motivated. We (my family) went to the dessert place, Caffe Demetre at Richmond Hill on Friday night to celebrate my accomplishment. We had a chocolate mousse cheesecake cake. The cake was flavourful with hints of strawberry and creamy chocolate layers topped with dark chocolate sauce and whipped cream on the side. The taste was awesome. Below is the picture of the cake.

Chocolate mousse cake with fruits

Now all ready to work towards posting my 100th post, 500th post and so on….:-)

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