DIY wool wrapped bottle vase (1)


DIY Flower vase created by wrapping glass bottle with wool

Flower Vase_1_3

Materials Required

  • Clean, empty glass bottle (I have used a sauce bottle)
  • Wool, any color
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors

Flower vase_1


STEP 1: Apply glue and start wrapping the wool from the bottom of the bottle. Stop wrapping when the wrapped wool is 1 inch in width.

Flower Vase 2

STEP 2: Leave a 1 inch gap between each section of wool and repeat STEP 1 until you get to the top of the bottle. There should be a 1.5 inch unwrapped/empty space between the top of the jar and the top, last section of wool.

STEP 3: Cut 6 pieces of wool measuring 5 centimetres each.

Flower Vase _3

STEP 4: Apply glue on the jar in the unwrapped spots and coil up the small wool pieces (concentric circles). Repeat the process until all the pieces of wool are glued to the bottle on all the sides.

Project Completed.

Flower vase_1_2


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