Mini Canvas Acrylic Painting

STEP 1: In a canvas draw a rough outline of the picture you want to paint.

Mini Canvas_1

STEP 2: I have chosen to paint a fruit bowl with 2 pears in it.

STEP 3: Start painting the pear with green color and shade it using yellow and orange color. It is easier to blend the orange and yellow color when the green color is still wet.

Mini Canvas_2

STEP 4: Paint the leaves with dark green and yellow color.

Mini Canvas_3

STEP 5: Paint the fruit bowl in blue and shade the edges using black color. Blend the blue and black color with some white paint.

Mini Canvas_4

STEP 6: Paint the background with orange-red paint.

STEP 7: Highlight the fruits and leaves with brown paint using a thin brush.

STEP 8: I have done 2 more paintings following the same techniques used in the pear painting.

STEP 9: RED PEPPER – The colors used in the pepper painting are

Pepper – Painted with red and shaded it using white color in the middle. Using black color i have highlighted the edges of the pepper.

Stem – Paint the stem with green color.

Plate – For the plate i have used blue and green color.

Background – Orange red color.

STEP 10: EGG PLANT – The colors used in the egg plant painting are

Egg Plant – I have used cobalt blue, brown in the middle and shaded the edges with black. I have used dark green and black to paint the leaves.

Background – Orange red color.

Mini Canvas_5

STEP 11: Take a piece of ribbon and using a hot glue gun. glue it to the back of the canvas placing the paintings one below the other.

STEP 12: Now the paintings are ready to hang on the wall.

Mini Canvas_6


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