Carrot Kheer

PREP TIME: 10 Mins



Carrot – 2 lbs

Sugar – 1 cup

Condensed Milk – 100 ml

Saffron – 10 strands

Milk – 150 ml

Almonds – 10 (soaked in water for 2 hours)

Cashews – 10

Ghee – 1 table spoon

Salt – 1 pinch


STEP 1: Wash the carrot, peel the skin and chop them into small pieces (fine chopping is not required as we are going to pressure cook them)

STEP 2: Remove the skin from the soaked almonds and add it to the carrots.

STEP 3: Pressure cook the carrot, almonds and cashews in milk until the mixture becomes mushy. (4 – 5 whistles)

STEP 4: Take the saffron strands and soak it in warm milk.

STEP 5: Using a blender, blend the carrot and nuts to a coarse mixture.

STEP 6: Heat ghee in a pan and add the cooked carrot mixture.

STEP 7: Cook for 5 minutes and add sugar mix well.

STEP 8: Now add the condensed milk and cook for 10 minutes.

STEP 9: Add a pinch of salt and mix well.

STEP 10: Turn off the heat and pour the saffron over the kheer.

STEP 11: Refrigerate the mixture once it comes to room temperature.


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